Red Algae Becoming A Concern Along NC Coast

[USA] Red algae are becoming more of a problem along some parts of the North Carolina coast.

Hope Sutton of the North Carolina Coastal Reserve & National Estuarine Research Reserve tells the StarNews of Wilmington that the algae can clog crab traps and wetland grasses.

In the Wilmington area, the algae have been found in the Zeke’s Island basin and shallows around Masonboro Island.

Sutton says growth of the algae has been prolific in recent years, after first showing up along the North Carolina coast about 15 years ago.

Sutton says the recent increase could be because of a normal growth curve or because conditions the past few summers have been perfect for rapid growth.

The algae are native to Japan and have been causing problems along the East Coast.


Photo: A non-native species of algae near Zeke’s Island has researchers concerned. Photo courtesy of N.C. Coastal Reserve(Photo: N.C. Coastal Reserve)

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