Residents share their thoughts: Are you concerned and toxic algae found in Norwalk reservoir?

[USA] What do you think about the toxic algae found in the Norwalk reservoir?

A sampling of area residents were asked that question Thursday afternoon by Norwalk Reflector. Here are some of the responses:

Reese Wineman:

“I’m very concerned. It’s possible that our water source is contaminated. It’s concerning . It’s not good at all.

“I used to be a water engineer with the city. I know a lot of people that used to work there and they were good, hard-working, dedicated workers. I’m sure they’re doing all they can to deal with it. I’m sure they’re doing their best.

“It puts the city in an awkward situation, though, because they provide the water. I think people are concerned too because of the Clyde cancer outbreak. They say it may be connected to the groundwater contamination. I think that could have people scared.

Morgan Risner, 12, Norwalk:

I heard about it from my grandma. I’m concerned about it. What if I drink something ugly?

Sierra Irvan, 12, Norwalk:

“I’m worried. That stuff grows in your intestinal systems and isn’t good. It can get into your stomach and blood stream and affect your arteries.

“If you shower, it goes on you and gets in our pores — it can get into your blood stream that way, too.

DJ Barnett, Peru:

“It’s concerning to think about where is it coming from. I’m concerned about the fish in there. I don’t know how it will affect them. I’m not a scientist but I’m worried about the biology in the reservoir.

Sheri Rister, Peru:

“I don’t think the city is really concerned about it enough. They’re acting like it’s not a big deal. We live in Peru so we drink the spring water out there but it is still concerning.”

Dawn Chandler, Norwalk:

“I don’t think the city is doing their job. I don’t think they’re concerned about it like they should be.

“I’m concerned. If it gets into your water and you have an open cut, it can get into your blood stream. I worry what about the little kids. I worry about the fish, too. I have grandkids that go fishing up there. They could be eating poison.

Diane Eastman, Norwalk:

“I only drink reverse osmosis water. We get our water from Peacock already but, yeah, I think it’s concerning.

“I know it sounds dumb, but I’m worried about my hair, too. I die my hair and this water makes it turn color. It’s more yellow. It’s terrible. I used to work in the country and you expect it a little with the well water.

“I think it’s really sad. We pay taxes. It should be taken care of.”

Absalom Shup, 19, Norwalk:

“It’s definitely not a good thing. … I’ve got a water bottle now.


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