Where Does Omega 3 Actually Come From?

[UK] Omega 3 is naturally produced by microscopic algae in the sea. These algae are then eaten by krill, which are in turn eaten by fish. Contrary to popular belief, fish themselves to not create Omega 3, they simply consume and hold on to it.

It can therefore be said that Omega 3 from algae is the original and purest form of Omega 3. It has not passed through external bodies and it is free from any potential contamination (assuming it’s grown in a controlled environment).


What is Algae?

Algae is a truly impressive plant species that has been present on the plant for millions of years. Algae is very diverse and found in every region of the planet, performing vital tasks in supporting ecosystems, food chains and producing 70% of all the air we breathe.

Different forms of algae range from microscopic algae (such as those that produce Omega 3), to seaweed. Being a plant species, it’s highly sustainable, it grows fast and doesn’t need much more than sunlight to grow.

How Does Algae Produce Omega 3?

Through photosynthesis, algae converts the sun’s energy into a viable form of Omega 3. This Omega 3 DHA has countless health benefits for humans – playing a vital role in eye, brain and heart health. Want to know more about Omega 3 from algae?


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