A Dutch company specialize on CO2 capture is looking for business partnership

[Netherlands] An innovative Dutch technology development and licensing company owns an unique process to capture CO2 from ambient air. This enables both extraction, but also supply of CO2. The current capacity is grams to several kilograms per day, with the ambition to develop higher capacities. The company seeks partners to apply this technology in new applications, within the framework of a commercial agreement with technical assistance, ideally resulting in licensing agreements.

CO2 is the primary greenhouse gas emitted through human activities and the major cause for global warming. Besides being the world’s biggest waste-stream, it is also required as a resource component for a variety of personal and industrial applications for which it is industrially manufactured (by burning gas, oil or waste), filled into pressurized canisters and transported to the client. This supply chain is thereby creating additional CO2 emissions for every unit CO2 supplied.

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This company is connecting these two problems to form a solution by capturing CO2 from the ambient air in order to utilize it directly for personal or industrial applications thereby skipping the whole supply chain. This allows for an autonomous, location-independent, environmental friendly CO2 extraction and/or supply system similar to these hi-efficiency co2 extraction systems.

The origin of the technology lies within the space industry, where it was developed for astronauts in space crafts. For that purpose, it is key to maintain the appropriate gas mixture, and the CO2 extractor must be both compact and highly efficient.

The founders of this Dutch company adapted the technology for terrestrial use by increasing the process efficiency while significantly reducing costs. This enables commercial use. The company holds several patents on the process and on commercial applications.

The technology is based on porous beads with the unique ability of attracting CO2 from air/gas mixtures which are naturally or mechanically ventilated around the beads. As soon as the beads are saturated with CO2, they are desorbed by using low-grade heat, thereby releasing the CO2 in the desired concentration.

Material and process specifications:

  • CO2 adsorbing porous beads
  • Regeneration between 60-100 degrees Celsius using steam, hot air or internal heaters
  • Applicable in diverse operation environments
  • Density is 2.2 litres/kilogram (30% volume change upon water saturation)
  • 5 year lifetime
  • Contaminant free stream – only other elements are water and air
  • CO2 purity, output, flow rate and timing tailored to application requirements

The company is looking for partners in the following businesses, to jointly investigate technical commercial feasibility in their sector and of course implementation:

  • food processing and preservation
  • beverage carbonation
  • gas purification
  • indoor air purification
  • bio-fuel production
  • water treatment
  • polymer processing
  • scuba diving
  • greenhouse fertilization
  • algae production

The type of partnerships focussed upon are commercial agreements with technical assistance and licensing agreements. But the company is open to other types of cooperation as well.

This technology captures the CO2 from the ambient air instead from flue gases as it is currently done. The advantage is that it can be done everywhere, instead of being constrained to one particular location where the CO2 comes out. This also means that you can become your own CO2 supplier since the technology can be applied on site, instead of getting it from the CO2 supplier, who gets it from the the flue gas source, compress it and transports it.

This location independence means supplier independence.

Also it means real recycling of CO2, in stead of some flue gases are still created by burning fossil fuels.


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