Get your beauty fix from the benefits of seaweed

[India] Want some TLC for your skin? Forget that exotic Moroccan rose soak or a mint chocolate wrap.

Of late, the new skin pampering comes in the way of seaweed. More people are waking up to the benefits of the stringy, green algae that may look gross, but has powerful ingredients that help to tone and repair the skin. Here’s what’s the lure is about…

Party quick-fix

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton reportedly pampers herself with seaweed facials. Closer home, several people in Mumbai are going in for a ‘seaweed wrap’ before a night out, reveals skin expert, Dr Rashmi Shetty. “It’s a no-harm quick-fix for the skin and people are trying this just before they have to get into their dress for a party or walk the red carpet. The wrap is applied to the body and as it’s warming, it causes the person to sweat.

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During this process, the body eliminates excess toxins, urea creatinine and water. This temporarily reduces puffiness and redness (if any), as well as the appearance of cellulite. You feel lighter and drop half an inch all over. But to see extended benefits, one has to try this more often — once a week is quite safe to do so,” she says.

Post-holiday skin recovery

Seaweed is also increasingly being touted as the solution to ease skin stress after a holiday. “During this time, various factors like harsh climate, humidity levels, water, an erratic lifestyle, even dehydration on flights — all play havoc on the skin. Seaweed helps to re-mineralise the skin and combat the damages due to these conditions. It has a kind of restorative ability,” affirms spa expert Nisha Jhaveri. “People use it on the face, but I recommend it more on the body. What’s popular is the seaweed body scrub or polish, which removes dead cells and helps even out the skin tone. You can also try the body envelopment, which has seaweed extract.”


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