Solar oxygenator battles toxic algae

Record high River and Lake temperatures with low water levels have allowed Toxic Algae an opportunity to take hold in local waterways. Portland inventor, and founder of Solardyne has launched the SunBreather project to battle Toxic Algae through targeted Aeration to dissolve more Oxygen into the water.

“Climate change has impacted the Pacific Northwest as prolonged drought lowers the water levels of Rivers and Streams, concentrating nutrients, and increasing the water’s temperature all inhibiting the water’s ability to hold dissolved Oxygen” says Kinkaid, “We’re seeing large die-off events in Salmon trying to spawn, the high temperatures evaporates most of the Oxygen out in the water” Kinkaid says, “The SunBreather is a solar powered Aerator designed to Oxygenate the water in the shallow quiet areas of the river where Algae like to grow this benefits the good algae, discourages toxic algae and helps Fish breath.”

Christopher (Toby) Kinkaid
Christopher (Toby) Kinkaid

Toxic Algae has been a rising concern as drought conditions continue to worsen. “Toxic Algae can be a lethal problem with some species of Cyanobacteria capable of producing highly potent Neurotoxins.” Kinkaid continues, “if Toxic Algae take hold in a local water way, then fish who feed on these algae may be eaten by Osprey, Raccoons and other animals, wonder off into the forest, die and then be eaten by many other critters greatly expanding the impact of these toxins.” Kinkaid continues, “Toxic Algae is potentially dangerous for fish, wildlife, livestock, pets, and people, the SunBreather is a practical treatment.”

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Photo: The SunBreather is a powerful floating solar powered aerator. Capable of Pumping 500 gallons per hour in full sun, for ponds and lakes

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