Stop monkeys with seaweed

[Barbados] Some frequenters of Browne’s Beach dutifully took seaweed home to use as a fertilizer and to deter the African snails. Some of these people observed that there have been no monkeys either in their kitchen gardens lately since the scattering of the seaweed.

Surely it is worth a try. It could be the scent, which in fact is very mild when fresh, or most probably the crisp texture of the sun-dried seaweed that deters the monkeys from treading on the garden beds.    


At most the monkeys will sit on the fence but they will not venture more than once on the ominous crackly, crispy surface created by the dry seaweed.

Now that the rain is here, your first layer of seaweed will settle down under the soil. So it is time for a top up with some fresh sargassum. Plenty to be had on several beaches. Alas. Are there any vendors out there selling bags of crispy seaweed?

Thanks and admiration to the many sports, church and school groups who continue to come to Carlisle Bay to clear the sand of seaweed. Congrats especially to the couple who come each morning to clear the shoreline of plastics to save the turtles and to the church choir that sang a cappella under the trees to encourage everyone. God is praised by all who help to keep our world beautiful.


Photo: Trouble with monkeys? Worry no more. Have you tried the Sargassum seaweed?

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