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[Global] From 1st of September, 2015 onwards, Algae World News is no longer able to provide free-of-charge algae industry news service for our readers. This is because our main sponsor has pulled out. We have difficulty looking for new sponsors/advertisers to cover our financial expenditure. We deeply regret that we are not able to grant free access to algae industry news and information. This is also against our aim to propagate algal biotechnology around the world and create public awareness towards algae industry, especially when access to reliable algae industry information is limited.

We plan to restrict the access to Algae World News for members only. Members will be required to subscribe to our website at the cost of USD 120.00 per year. We are targeting a 250 members subscription. If we are unable to achieve this target by the end of November 2015, we will refund our subscribers the subscription fees and cease operation.

We understand that USD 120.00 per year may be a burden to many readers, especially scholars/students who are full of passion towards algae science. Therefore we will still provide free access to scholars/students. In return, we are asking for the scholars/students to write us some algae-related articles to share with our subscribers.

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We will also continue to provide advertising service for the algae industry at a lower cost of USD 120.00 per month (or USD 450.00 per 4 months), with 2 free membership access. The advertising cost is lowered down because we are expecting a significant drop of readership after implementing the membership policy. Currently we have about 1,000 page view per day.

We also have about 1,000 newsletter subscribers with us. From 1st of September 2015 onwards, we will send newsletter only to paid subscribers only. In year 2015, up until now, we have sent 61 issues of newsletters already.

For further question, please email to: [email protected]

Once again, thank you for your support, your participation to our group discussion, and your efforts towards the building of a more complete algae industry chain. All the best.


Kian Wee Tian on behalf of Algae World News




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