Algal bloom hits Vypeen area

[India] An algal bloom has reportedly hit the Kuzhippally beach in Vypeen on Thiruvonam Day.

It was the pungent smell prevailed in the beach area and the presence of froth in the sea close to the shore that attracted the attention of the researchers.

The algae might have been in its crash phase giving out strong odour, said A.A. Mohamed Hatha, Associate Professor of the Department of Marine Biology, Microbiology and Biochemistry of the School of Marine Sciences of Cochin University of Science and Technology.

The froth was washed ashore during the evening hours. However, it didn’t cause any skin irritations, said Dr. Hatha who collected water samples for analysis.

Algal bloom can sometimes cause health hazards. It can lead to fish death.

The consumption of marine organisms like clam that feed on toxic algae can cause shellfish poisoning in human beings, said Dr. Hatha.

Algal blooms have been recorded in Vypeen area sometime earlier also , said K.B. Padmakumar who had studied harmful algal bloom in many parts of the country.

Going by the indications, it could be the Chattonella marina algae that might have caused the stench and froth in the region.

It is included in the category of harmful algal bloom, said Dr. Padmakumar.

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