AlgoSolis – Algae industrial research

[France] AlgoSolis, a new platform for  for microalgae research  was inaugurated in Saint- Nazaire. The research facility is operated by the Institute of Chemical Engineering, (Environmental and Food) of the University of Nantes and the French’s Centre for Scientific Research.

This new platform combines research and commercial area, with the aim to identify and utilize new species of microalgae. There are hundreds of thousands of species of microalgae in the world, but only part of them are identified. As a source of lipid and protein, algae offer numerous applications in a few industries such as the cosmetics industry, the food industry, the energy sector , the chemical industry, etc. Identifying the biodiversity of algae is also meant to create new industrial applications.


The new platform of AlgoSolis includes several areas in a 1,840 m2 location: breeding areas , photobioreactors , production lines , a biochemistry laboratory , and a biorefinery plant. The entire value chain starting from CO2 cultivated microalgae to chemical products with industrial applications can be tested here.

AlgoSolis is financially supported by numerous donors with a total of € 3.8 million fund, including the Pays de la Loire, the European Regional Development Fund ( ERDF ), the cities of Nantes and Saint – Nazaire. The cluster Mer Bretagne Atlantique (marine economy) , Valorial (food) and Atlantis (Technology Park of Nantes) are also involved in the project .


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