Dennis Depner: Algae is nothing new, what happened to the EPA?

[USA] The algae in Lake Erie are not new. This has been a problem for the last 70 years at least. I can remember traveling from Lucas to Ottawa County down old Ohio 2 along the lake seeing the same blue-green algae every summer. One year the lake looked like a big bowl of split pea soup.

Last year’s algae scare was a big scam. Jerry Anderson was interviewing former Mayor Collins about the progress of the drinking water. Mr. Anderson bent over and asked Mayor Collins if there were toxic algae in the water and the mayor’s reply was “No. If there was, we have no way to remove it.”

The 11 news showed different video clippings of the water in Lake Erie with the algae floating in the water. They would say most of the algae came from the farmers. Well, in one clip it showed an 8- to 12-inch strand of toilet tissue floating in the water. Can anyone tell me what farm animal uses this product?

The day after the scare came into effect there was a heavy rain. The beaches along the lake were closed because the bacteria count was high. The reason the beaches were closed was because Toledo opened the floodgates and let 80,000 gallons of raw sewage out in the Maumee River. Where does the city get its water from?

The Toledo Water Works is over 100 years old. With no money to fix anything, they had a scheme to get federal monies to fix their problem. Adding carbon to the water filters out a lot of things. This is a reusable product.

Look at a map and see where Toledo is. It is at the bottom southwest corner of the lake. The prevailing winds come out of the east, northeast and north. Everything that is dumped into the Maumee River including from For Wayne, Ind., the Detroit River and the rest of the lakes come to settle at Toledo. Maybe the raw sewage may be the biggest problem. What happened to the separating of the storm and sewage drainage? This was put into effect in the 1970s. Forty-five years and still no money to do this.

What happened to the EPA?


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