Governor Inslee to visit AstaReal Group, headquarters of Moses Lake production facility, on trade mission to Japan and Korea

[Japan, USA] Astavita, Inc., a global brand of AstaReal Group, specializing in the development, production and retail of high quality and functionally superior dietary supplements containing natural astaxanthin, announced Governor Inslee will meet with the CEO of AstaReal Group during his trip to Japan to discuss the growth of their business in Washington State, including the production facility located in Moses Lake. The factory, which is celebrating its one-year anniversary, produces natural astaxanthin, resulting in the leading dietary supplement on the market.

The Governor kicked off a 9-day trade mission to Korea and Japan on August 28th and is scheduled to visit AstaReal Group headquarters in Tokyo on September 4th.

“Washington State’s trade and cultural ties with Japan and Korea run deep, and I look forward to strengthening these important relationships,” Inslee said. “As their economies thrive, consumers and businesses in Korea and Japan open up new demand and markets for the quality products from Washington. That expansion creates economic activity and jobs throughout our state.”

The AstaReal Group is celebrating the one-year anniversary of the 59,000 square foot factory that produces natural astaxanthin. The company is planning to invest an additional $30 million dollars and create 50 new jobs within two years. The AstaReal Group is also considering further expansion in the mid-term.

“We welcome Governor Inslee’s visit to recognize the strong relationship between our company and Washington State to promote and expand the nutritional healthcare industry,” said Mitsunori Nishida, CEO, AstaReal Group. “Our natural astaxanthin is at the forefront of creating nutritional support products to expand research and develop new solutions for 21st century health issues such as prevention of lifestyle diseases and healthy-aging. The Moses Lake plant is the anchor for additional investment and business opportunities in the near future. In addition, we plan to create and expand this market by communicating directly with customers through”

Natural astaxanthin is known as one of nature’s most beneficial antioxidant ingredients. Numerous clinical studies conducted in humans have assessed astaxanthin’s safety, bioavailability, and clinical aspects relevant to oxidative stress, the inflammatory process, and the mitochondrial function. Research shows that astaxanthin may be effective in helping to maintain muscle health as well as supporting the body in its fight against metabolic syndrome conditions. The number of studies exploring astaxanthin’s potential benefits has greatly increased during the last decade, to include research areas such as diabetes, cardio vascular functions, and dementia.

Founded in December 2014, Astavita will begin selling their proprietary dietary supplements online in September and also plans to provide a branded medical food product by prescription starting in November.


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