NCC promotes use of Sargassum seaweed

[Barbados] The National Conservation Commission (NCC) has been educating the general public about the many uses of Sargassum seaweed, in an effort to change the negative connotations associated with the product.

“A lot of people are trying to shy away from the Sargassum seaweed because of the smell, but that’s basically because you are on the beach and there is moisture… the Sargassum seaweed is starting to decompose. With that decomposition comes a scent,” nursery supervisor Sean Phillips said.

Phillips told participants that the seaweed was a great asset to their farms and gardens as it could serve both as mulch, because of its water retention capabilities, and also as a pest control agent due to its high salt concentration.

He added that by adding the seaweed to the soil, farmers will “get a robust growth”.

“Our plan is to try to highlight it [the use of Sargassum seaweed] throughout the communities, so it would no longer be seen as a curse but it would be seen as a blessing as well,” Phillips said.

Special Projects Officer, Ricardo Marshall said they wanted to expose the public to the uses of the seaweed “so that they can get a lot of information and…take this new knowledge…and utilise it in their homes, gardens and around their premises”.

The practical demonstration was part of the week of activities held by the NCC to commemorate National Arbor Day, which is observed on September 22 in remembrance of Hurricane Janet which devastated Barbados in 1955.


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One thought on “NCC promotes use of Sargassum seaweed”

  1. Promoting the fertilizing power of the sargassum without explanations is indeed counterproductive.
    Salt is not good for the soil. To use seaweed as a fertilizer, you need to wash the sand and salt from it.
    Which means the best seaweed you can re-use is the one collected at sea, and not on the beaches.
    Which means it has to be cleaned, something almost no collecting solutions does (except the ones developped by CDO Innov).
    Which means that if you want to really turn the sargassum into a strength, you have to invest in proper collecting devices, as the collecting is the very first step in the valorization process.

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