Sargassum cocktail coming

[Barbados ] Visitors to Barbados may soon be in for a treat with an unexpected ingredient as the base of a new drink.

The Sargassum seaweed which has littered some of the islands beaches, mainly on the east and south coasts, could soon be used to make Sargassum Cocktail.

Plans to turn the troublesome weed into a drink were announced last night at the launch of the Food, Wine and Rum Festival 2015 at Fairmont Royal Pavilion, where Chairman of the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc (BTMI) Alvin Jemmott gave the assurance that visitors were not deterred by the seaweed.

Top Barbadian Mixologist Philip Casanova Antoine, gave those who attended the launch a demonstration of how to mix a smooth Bay Leaf Passion drink. However, the thought of a Sargassum mix excited Antoine.

“We are working on a cocktail that would incorporate the Sargassum, but the immediate issue that we are having is getting the salt out of it. But we do have a few ideas in mind,” he said.

Meantime, noting that the seaweed had spread across the Caribbean, Jemmott said visitors to the island had been understanding.

“Our guests . . . realize that this is not a problem that has been created by Barbados or anybody else in the Caribbean. It is not a treacherous situation. It does look dirty, and when it comes up on the beach and is not taken away, it can smell dirty. But we’ve not seen any negative fallout from the Sargassum seaweed, we’ve not seen cancellations; not to my knowledge.”

The Divi Southwinds General Manager, added: “It does make our beautiful beaches look bad, and our very clear water murky, but I think our visitors have been in good spirit”.

Photo: Top Mixologist, Philip ‘Casanova’ Antoine brewing ‘Bay Leaf Passion’.

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