Water extracted algae oil claims healthy splash

[USA] Source-Omega claims SOURCE OIL™ brands the first and only true water extracted algae oil. They state water extraction also makes SOURCE OIL the first and only naturally high DHA omega-3 oil.Their premium brand gives record DHA levels at 57 percent of all fatty acids, which is a technical requirement to produce triglyceride oil with more than 50 percent DHA by mass, something never before achieved in omega-3 oils.

The Source-Omega company brand of oil passes three year stability testing, consistency and sustainability evaluation, and is clean with near zero contaminant scores, recorded at 250 times lower than the limits for fish oil.

“This is a healthy extraction because the patent pending process makes oil using only water to open the algae and extract the oil without any solvents or external enzymes, so it costs less to produce. The process and higher DHA concentrations together reduce bulk oil prices by 33 percent. Operationally we are providing 53 percent DHA oil with 250,000 kilograms capacity per year,” said Dr Scott Doughman, CEO and Chief Scientific Officer at Source-Omega.

Dr Doughman explained why SOURCE OIL is the first and only true water extracted DHA algae oil. He pointed out the oil is made by using an entirely physical-mechanical process. The Source-Omega scientist indicated only pure water is needed to physically open the “soft-shell” algae to liberate the oil inside that will then float, producing a 50 percent DHA oil in one step.

DHA algae oil is commonly used in food supplements for maternal and infant nutrition. This is because DHA is definitively the most abundant omega-3 in the human body, brain and organs.


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