Algae invades popular tourist spots in Dominican Republic

[Dominican Republic] Sheets of algae (Sargassum) are spreading across the shores in parts of the Dominican Republic. The unsightly outbreak is taking a toll on tourism in the region. And local fishermen have taken a hit to their livelihood as well.

“I don’t know what to do here on the beach. At times we still go in to try and collect (fish), dig through the area, but what can you do, because this (algae) is too much.” said Juan Dolio, a local fisherman.

The affected shores are located along the eastern zone of the Dominican Republic, but other areas such as Punta Cana have been unfazed.

Local experts say the algae growth comes from warmer temperatures. The problem is so dire, some locals are hoping for divine help.

“This is a very difficult situation right now because there’s no way to eliminate the algae from the water. There’d have to be a miracle from God for the tide to rise.”

Other experts say the outbreak is a consequence of Hurricane Joaquin dragging vegetation along on its path.


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