Two new products join Blooming Pet Products’ range

[Canada] Blooming Pet Products has added two new lines – Neem Spray and Seaweed – to its range of shampoos, supplements, grooming products, sprays and first aid applications.

“We are always looking at new products to help fulfill our customers’ needs,” said David Willey, from Blooming Pet Products. “Each product we add has to be excellent quality and value for money, because that’s what our customers expect and deserve, and both Neem Spray and Seaweed meet these criteria…and then some.”

Neem Spray is a vegetable oil that naturally repels insects. Unlike some products, because it’s a vegetable oil, it’s safe, even if the animal licks it off his or her coat. It can be used on cats and dogs for numerous conditions, the company says.

The seaweed used in Blooming Pet Products’ Seaweed is sourced from the North Atlantic Ocean and is a natural source of more than 40 minerals and trace elements. Blooming Pet Products says It can be used to support and maintain an animal’s metabolism, energy, immune system, digestive tract, blood and endocrine glands.

Neem Spray is available in 250ml quiet spray bottles with an RRP of £6.95 and Seaweed is available in 400g tubs that have a RRP of £5.90.


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