Algae research fund launched in Taiwan

[Taiwan] The Taiwan International Algae Research Fund (TIARF) was launched Tuesday to facilitate the exploration of marine resources and advance research into fields related to algae biodiversity.

National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU) and the Haiken Foundation, which jointly established the fund, said NT$9 million per year will be spent on such research and to cultivate talent in relevant disciplines.

The TIARF will work to promote the development of renewable energy, green chemicals and biotech products, encourage investments in algae research, and facilitate exchanges between researchers and businesses, said NTOU President Chang Ching-fong at the unveiling of a plaque to launch the fund.

He said the TIARF will also seek to nurture new generations of algal scientists, encourage research and development of algae resources, and enhance standards in algae research in the country by offering scholarships, fellowships and subsidies.

The main focus of the fund is the exploration of marine resources, which is crucial to solving global problems such as diseases and the huge demand for energy, food and water, amid rapid climate change and global population growth, Chang said.

Haiken Foundation Chairman Hsieh Yu-lin also attended the unveiling ceremony.


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