Ecoponex REEF to solve food-water-energy issue

[USA] The video presentation highlights the Ecoponex’s REEF System as the future of healthy fresh food production using clean renewable energy with the recycling of water, carbon and nutrients. Ecoponex is one of the most powerful solutions to the food-water-energy nexus on how we are going to feed 9.0-billion people in the next 25-years.

According to the company’s website, EcoponexTM is a revolutionary new Controlled Environment Agricultural production system that locally supplies healthy fresh food, renewable energy, and clean water and air while addressing important socio-economic and environmental issues facing large cities, rural communities and farms raising dairy cattle and other livestock.

The technology is based upon sound science and proven technologies with a profound understanding of the Food – Energy – Water Nexus facing our planet.

It represents the first of its kind technology to be designed as a totally self-reliant “Living Machine” with a closed-loop process that is a quantum leap in productivity at 50 times or more than traditional crop farming while using a fraction (less than 5%) of the water and land area.  Thus making it perhaps the most productive food system in the world.

It has been designed as a highly integrated Biological Refinery where the outputs of upstream processes (or unit operations) become the inputs to a downstream processes without creating needless loss or waste of resources or discharges to the environment; all of which is designed as an entirely closed-loop system and optimized for utility and resource efficiency and maximum productivity.


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