Reliance Industries is hiring – General manager – Quotpilot Plant Algae-to-oil

[India] India’s corporate Reliance Industries has been actively pursuing research and development on the Algae-to-Oil ( AO) technology and its associated emerging business platform.

One aspect of the AO effort is the scale up of photobioreactor (PBR) technology, particularly with external technology development partners. The effort being staffed here represents one such partnership (Reliance -Algae.Tec), and its piloting at significant demonstration scale.

The successful candidate for this role will provide overall leadership for the planning, safe operations, and interpretation of results coming from this pilot facility, including all of the following aspects:

  1. Tactical and overall first -line strategic leadership of shift operations
  2. The technology interface with strategic RD objectives, set in collaboration by in -depth interactions with RD colleagues and tactical planning leaders
  3. Frequent interactions with local Operations, Facility, Analytical, and HSE leadership resources (Jamnagar refinery)
  4. Frequent interactions with senior stakeholders and AO Management.

For more information, please visit: General Manager – Quotpilot Plant Algae-to-oil 

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