School children collect seaweed as fertilizer

[UK] Mawnan School’s showed how green fingered they could be on Wednesday afternoon as they shovelled seaweed on Maenporth beach.

Seaweed collection

The children were joined by family and friends as well as staff as they collected the algae to act as fertilizer for their flowerbeds at the school.

The green goodness they collected is full of nutrients, and will be left on the empty beds over the winter to mulch down, providing plenty of goodness for the club to plant flowers and vegetables, many of which will be used in the school kitchen or sold to buy more seeds and other equipment.

Seaweed collection 2

Hattie Walker, a parent at the school who runs the club, said: “We have got a lovely school garden, and we have been growing a small selection of veg in the small patch we have got.

“The seaweed is a natural fertiliser and we just add it to make things grow better. We do this every year, at about this time of year.

“It will rot down, and stink the garden out for a while, and in the spring time we dig it in.”


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