Xanthella, a Scotland-based algal biotechnology company

[UK] Xanthella is a Scottish company incorporated in 2009 to tackle with problems of microalgal cultivation technology.

The company’s core product – photobioreactors aims to be the best and most affordable equipment available in the world for growing algae.

The photobioreactor couples with innovative design using leading-edge material, lighting and control technologies.

Xanthella produces a unique photobioreactor that is extremely flexible and with simple, modular base models that can be customized according users’ needs.

Xanthella also provides consultancy and services  in cooperative research programmes.

Based at the European Marine Science Park just outside of Oban, alongside the Scottish Association for Marine Science’s laboratory (home to the world-famous Culture Collection of Algae and Protozoa (CCAP)) at Dunstaffnage, the company is working with the finest research laboratories in Scotland to bring new technologies and processes to photobioreactor design.


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