Algae turning popular as nutrition supplement

[India] Blue-green algae, also known as Spirulina, is gaining popularity as nutrition supplement since it boasts of high nutritious values.

Prepared in powder or tablet form, it is described as the nutritious food with high-protein content. It is said that one kg spirulina is equivalent to 15 kg vegetables and spirulina is sold at Rs 220 per 100 grams but the daily dose should not exceed three grams.

Puttaparthi-based Karuna Society has been into the manufacturing of spirulina in tablet form which is said to be a panacea for good health. The volunteers of Karuna Society have undergone training in Auroville and started the Spirulina unit at Enumulapalli as part of the organic cultivation.

Eight by ten feet cement tanks were constructed for cultivating the blue-algae and tanks were filled with salt water. They bought blue-algae from Auroville spending about Rs 30,000. The blue-algae is strained through a clean cloth and dried for making tablets.

Every day, five kg algae is ready for processing from the tanks and finally, one kg Spirulina is prepared from the five kg algae. Narender Reddy, secretary of Karuna Society, said that one kg sold for Rs 2,500 and there would be a net profit of Rs 1,500 per day.

Clementine, chairperson of Karuna Society, adds  that Spirulina is good for the pregnant women and young girls. It contains amino acids, B12, B6 vitamins apart from other nutrients.


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