ASU wins grant to research algae for biofuels, other products

[USA] Arizona State University officials recently received a $1 million Energy Department grant to research using capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to enhance algae cultivation, which could lead to improved biofuels and other products.

“Our goal is to develop systems to make growing microalgae more affordable and sustainable and to produce it on scales large enough to meet growing demands in the United States and globally,” ASU engineer Bruce Rittmann said.

Rittman will lead the project with physicist Klaus Lackner. Their work focuses on using a special material to capture CO2 from the atmosphere and release it in vessels growing algae to enhance algae’s growth.

Scientists around the globe are researching ways to use fast-growing algae for biofuels, dietary supplements and other products.

The research also is working out a way to release CO2 in water without it forming large bubbles that can’t be “inhaled” by growing algae.


Photo: An ASU research team working to boost the growth of algae for use in fuels and other products will test techniques and technologies in algae cultivation ponds at the Arizona Center for Algae Technology and Innovation at ASU’s Polytechnic campus.(Photo: Charlie Leight/The Republic)

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