Drink me, eat me: quaffable scents and edible algae from Sweden

[Sweden] Scandinavia has long been where healthy living and good design go hand in hand, as demonstrated by these two particularly innovative brands. Kille Enna, a renowned Danish chef, author and photographer, has spent seven years developing ‘Taste of a Scent’ – four drinkable aromas designed to be sprayed into a glass of springwater.

Pioneering Swedish algae farm Simris, meanwhile, has launched two lines of supplements, with packaging by Stockholm-based design agency Snask that reflects the colours found in the 50,000-plus known species of algae. The jewel-coloured glass jars of the Simris Algae Omega-3 line offer a plant-based alternative to fish oil, while the Simris Select range features novel snacks such as chlorella crispies, algae teas and sundried spirulina sprinkles.


Photo: Sweden (where else?) is currently pioneering new developments in drinkable aromas and edible algae. Pictured left: Damask Rose/Heather Flowers Aroma Extract, €118 for 50ml, by Kille Enna. Centre and right: Finest Chlorella, SEK160 (€17); Algae Omega-3, SEK370 (€40), both by Simris

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