Eco-friendly 3D printing with coffee, beer, algae and wood

[USA] Clean Strands, a Los Angeles based ecommerce website, has launched the first online marketplace for eco-friendly 3D printing filaments. A ‘farmers market for filaments’, Clean Strands sells 3D printing filaments made from sustainable materials including recycled coffee grounds, non-GMO wild harvested algae and discarded wood chips.

“The idea for this store was born out of frustration and the inability to find good quality, non-toxic filaments for 3D printing projects at home with my kids,” says Rachel Spieczny, President and Founder of Clean Strands.

Clean Strands has partnered with leading global manufacturers, including 3D Fuel, 3Dom USA, Filamentum and BnK, to provide homes, schools and businesses with easy access to the most up-to-date selection of environmentally friendly 3D printing filaments. The Clean Strands online store debuts with 8 unique 3D printing filaments, available in over 50 different colors and sizes, and will add 3 additional filaments by the end of the year. Clean Strands has also partnered with a leading university research team, who will launch their sustainable filament on the Clean Strands website in early 2016.

Increasing awareness about the hazardous effects of petroleum-based filaments, like ABS, has to led a rapid rise in the number of eco-friendly filaments. Bringing all of these emerging filaments together in one place, Clean Strands’ Founder Rachel Spieczny says, “Our goal is to make eco-friendly filaments as accessible and exciting as shopping for organic foods in your local store or farmers market.”


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