Good Deli Company unveils seaweed-based caviar alternative

[UK] Good Deli Company has unveiled its Christmas and celebration collection with the launch of its gourmet caviar product, Cavi.Art.

Suitable for vegetarians, Cavi.Art is a cost-effective seaweed alternative to traditional caviar and is available in both red and black. Available to purchase through Good Deli Company, Cavi.Art takes its seaweed base from coastal areas in Brittany and Scotland, where harvesting is environmentally friendly as less than 5% of the seaweed growth is reaped. Production does not deplete fish stocks and the product is considerably healthier than traditional caviar due to no cholesterol, no fat and a low salt content.

Cavi.Art contains natural colours and preservatives and does not need to be stored in the fridge even after opening. It has an extended ambient shelf life and can be used up to three months after opening. It has a great taste, fine texture, bright colour and a good bite, the company said. The product retains all of the benefits of seaweed with the appearance and consistency of caviar.

Good Deli Company sales director Lara Bicknell said: “At this time of year, it is never more necessary to ensure menus come in on budget whilst meeting or exceeding expectations. With an RRP of just £1.99 per 100g against RRP of £580 per 100g minimum for caviar, Cavi.Art is an excellent solution for operators looking to provide premium on a budget. With additional health benefits Cavi.Art hits the spot.”


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