National Conference on Algal Technologies, 4th Jan 2016, Visakhapatnam, India

[India] Sevas Educational Society, in collaboration with Department of Biotechnology, Andhra University and Gugly Centre for Biological Research. Bhubaneswar, India will hold a “National Conference on Algal Technologies”, on 4th January, 2016 for faculty, students, entrepreneurs, technology developers, researchers, industries, government and NGO’s.

The event will be held at Andhra University Platinum Jubilee Guest House, Andhra University Campus, Near Out Gate,Opp. School Of Distance Education, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530003, aims at promoting lifelong learning in advanced algal technologies.

During the event, the participants will be learning about advanced algal technologies including algal oils, Spirulina microalgae, nutraceuticals and related applications. The abstracts and full length papers will be published in peer reviewed international journals.

The conference is a great opportunity for the scientists, researchers, faculty and students to learn advanced concepts in algal research. To register for this event, contact R R Siva Kiran, Organizing Secretary, NCAT-2016 at 0091 9986795754 or [email protected]

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  1. I am a Prof. In Phycology at ARC, Egypt and previously visited the National Facility Program at Pusa Institute, Delhi, India, and my opinion that it is still so far to have biodiesel from algae, however, I am looking forward to co-operate with U in a good international Project funded by any of the Indian or International donor associations, extremely, I am eager to have biofuel from algae to share partially in solving the energy crises in Egypt. With Best Regards, I will remain. Prof. Dr. F. M. Ghazal

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