Netherlands’ FeyeCon launches algae-based health products

[Netherlands] Netherlands-based FeyeCon, a company that has offered tailor-made process design and equipment at bench, pilot and production scales since 2001, has introduced a new line of health and beauty products employing microalgae as primary ingredients. Their algae were processed in the Netherlands using supercritical CO2 technology.

The new products are:

  • Asta la Vista Wrinkles: an anti-aging facial cream that features microencapsulated astaxanthin. (Astaxanthin is an increasingly popular ingredient for personal care products due to its anti-aging capacity.) The astaxanthin oil is extracted from Haematococcus and microencapsulated to avoid oxidation. The astaxanthin cream is made with waxy particles with a loading of 25% astaxanthin. The micronized powder is made from 100% natural substances, and protects the astaxanthin from oxidation.
  • Ocean Heroes: Omega-3 dietary supplement with oil extracted from heterotrophic microalgae. The omega-3 capsules, billed as promoting brain, eye and nerve development, are a concentrated natural form of 60% omega-3 with a combination of DHA and EPA.
  • Spaghalgae: a spelt pasta containing 5% spirulina. “Since Spirulina is rich in proteins, boosts your health and increases energy levels we made a 5% Spirulina pasta to make these health benefits accessible for everybody in a fun, easy and tasty way,” says the company.

FeyeCon plans to continue developing new algae-based applications in the health and wellness industries.


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