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[UK] Even the most draconian of dinnertime dieters can be far less scrupulous when it comes to healthy snacks, and plenty of worthy lifestyle goals are sabotaged every afternoon as desk drawers are opened to reveal multipacks of savoury saturated fats.

The UK loves crisps, and even though substantial efforts have been made to make them more nutritious, these little flakes of potatoey heaven remain firmly in the unhealthy camp. However, no one is expecting you to quit crisps cold turkey (one of the least popular flavours, that). There are plenty of healthier options, and Coach has run the rule over them.

Um, well, healthier alternatives to crisps at least. All these snacks are better for you – plus how to make your own kale crisps
Um, well, healthier alternatives to crisps at least. All these snacks are better for you – plus how to make your own kale crisps

Chirps Egg White Crisps High in protein and less than half the fat of regular crisps, Chirps have made a strong play for the regular gym-goer.
Coach says: An undoubted success, the salt and black pepper flavour in particular really hits the spot, and don’t worry – there’s no eggy aftertaste. £1.49,

Kettle Chips Vegetables They’re not overly “healthy” as there’s no drop in the calorie or fat levels, but you are getting a load of fibre, so these will fill you up.
Coach says: Perhaps the most satisfying crisp replacement, in that you won’t feel tempted to dip back into the snack drawer ten minutes later. 85p,

Itsu Seaweed Thins These are a mere 24 calories per pack, so if a quick salty fix is all you’re after, these tasty thins might be the answer.
Coach says: They taste good but unless you’re really disciplined, they won’t be substantial enough to see you through a long afternoon. £1,

Metcalfe’s Popcorn Crisps From buttery cinema staple to health food phenomenon, popcorn is an excellent low-fat alternative, and now it even comes in a dippable form, which tastes great.
Coach says: Of course they taste nice – it’s popcorn, after all. 85p,

InSpiral Kale Chips The leafy tendrils of kale have infiltrated our snacks. These chips are higher in protein and fibre than regular crisps, but just as fatty.
Coach says: These are chewier than you think, and wild flavours (Beetroot & Acerola, Cacao & Cinnamon, Wasabi) add appeal. £2.19,

Taste Testing More Kale Chips


Daylesford Raw Organic Sun-dried Tomato Kale Chips 30g, £2.49
Coach says: “This is the Rolls-Royce of kale chips. It’s the first time I’ve tried them, but they taste just like you would expect. Only softer.”

Daylesford Raw Organic Fig & Horseradish Kale Chips 30g, £2.49
Coach says: “OK, all bets are off. I was honestly not expecting that. This one has a very sharp, distinctive taste. Someone get me a glass of water.”

InSpiral Raw Wasabi Wheatgrass kale chips 30g, £2.19
Coach says: “Not as hardcore as the name suggests. Quite nice, actually. Crispy. If they weren’t green, you wouldn’t even know you were eating kale.”

InSpiral Raw Purple Corn Kale Chips 30g, £2.19
Coach says: “Cheese on toast-flavoured kale? Whatever next?! I didn’t even know there was such a thing as purple corn until just now. Good, and not as pricy as some of the others.”

InSpiral Tomato & Basil Pizza Kale-Os 12g, £1.29
Coach says: “This is air-dried, so it’s even healthier than organic kale. It’s so easy and light to eat. Best of all, though, it really does taste like pizza! Shame we only got to try a small packet.”

Make Your Own Kale Crisps


Posh vegetable crisps might be all the rage – but while the beetroot-and-carrot snacks are generally healthier than the regular kind, most still tend to be starchy, heavily processed and loaded with added sugar and salt. If you want a more waistline-friendly option, try these delicious DIY kale crisps instead. Rich in hunger-suppressing fibre and low in calories, they’re quick and easy to make and ideal for between-meal munching.

To make

Toss 50g of kale in 1tbsp of olive oil and spread it evenly on an ovenproof tray lined with baking parchment. Sprinkle chilli flakes, paprika and a little sea salt on top, then roast at 175°C/gas 3-4 for ten to 15 minutes until the edges of the kale leaves start to brown.


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