Torrens lake algae treated with hydrogen peroxide

[Australia] Hydrogen peroxide has been poured into the Torrens lake in the heart of Adelaide in a trial aimed at reducing blooms of blue-green algae.

It is the first time the chemical, which is found in cleaning products, has been used in Australia as an algal control in a recreational lake.

The trial is being carried out after success in two years of laboratory tests.

Previous efforts to deal with algae in the lake have included pumping extra fresh water into the Torrens.

Water projects officer Katharine Ward said a weak concentration of hydrogen peroxide was being used to keep fish and birdlife safe.

“We find that in the right concentration, the blue-green algae are more susceptible than other aquatic life so it should have minimal impact on the other aquatic life in the Torrens lake,” she said.

Adelaide Natural Resources said the algal control method had been successfully used in the United States.

Hydrogen peroxide is used in a stabilised granular form and leaves no chemical residual, it said.

“A full-scale application of hydrogen peroxide to the lake will not be part of the trial, and another flow of fresh water may be needed in coming weeks to manage algal levels in the lake.” it said in a statement.


Photo: Algae in the Torrens lake often turns the water green in the warmer months. ABC News: Dean Faulkner

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