First-of-a-kind Prefab Algae Raceways™ up to 101 m²

[USA] Large prefabricated raceway ponds have been a missing element in algae cultivation scale-up. Now 22-m² to 101-m² Algae Raceways™ ponds featuring patent pending APIACTM technology are available from MicroBio Engineering Inc. (MBE).

Four things are clear when you talk to the people who are building algae cultivation systems:

  1. They want larger off-the-shelf algae raceways than current offerings, for scale-up and production.
  2. They want all the components supplied and integrated by the same vendor.
  3. They want simple and fast installations.
  4. They want it yesterday.

MicrobioengineeringMBE and their new partners at Colorado Lining International (CLI) have designed a new Algae Raceway™ pond system from the ground up which streamlines the entire algae pond construction process.


Algae Raceway™ are delivered as complete packages which include the walls, pre-cut liner, paddle​ ​wheels with motors, and extensive monitoring and control systems. ​All components are specially designed for durability, chemical compatibility, and high performance based on decades of experience by the MBE-CLI team with algal culture scale-up, from flasks to hectares.

algae raceway

The raceways are modular and offered in twelve different sizes ranging from 22 m² (6.5 m3) to 101 m² (30 m3). The liners are pre-cut and fitted in the factory so they are drop-in ready. Onsite installation is quick and painless with no specialty labor or contractors needed. The site requirements are simply a level, compacted ground surface and connection to a power and water source. Full installation service and facility engineering are available.

Accelerate your algae production project—scale-up with pre-fabricated Algae Raceways™ from MicroBio Engineering, Inc.

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Press release from Microbio Engineering Inc.

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