Govt half-hearted in empowering seaweed farmers

[Indonesia] Commission IV member of the House of Representative Bagus Adhi Mahendera Putra said the government is still half-hearted in empowering and protecting seaweed farmers and fishermen because prices has yet stable and there has been no guarantee on farmers’ welfare.

“I hope the government can empower and cultivate seaweed seriously. Seaweed can be developed to various products, such as jelly and candies,” said Bagus on Friday, February 5, 2016.

According to Bagus, empowerment and protection cannot be separated. He hoped the bill about protection and empowerment of fishermen can be completed and ratified soon.

I Wayan Arthana, Dean of the Faculty of Marine and Fisheries at the University of Udayana, said the quality of seaweed in Bali is decreasing due to premature harvest. The normal time for harvest is four months, but it was forced to three months due to their economic needs. This affected to weak purchasing power which threatens the farmers’ welfare.


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