It’s a wrap: Algae treatment at Beauty. M in Fulham

[UK] What happens to your skin when it is coated in algae? Luxury London heads to Beauty.m on Fulham Road to find out.

Algae, to me, isn’t synonymous with beauty and relaxation. In fact, the green, slimy substance reminds me of a semi-traumatic childhood experience involving me falling into a pond in my cousin’s garden; so for me to voluntarily have my body covered in the goo isn’t an everyday occurrence. However, this isn’t just any old algae sourced from a suburban garden; this gel is made by Biologique Recherche, a celebrated French skincare brand. At Beauty.m, part of Seed Salon on Fulham Road, customers can encounter body treatments using the Parisian products, including the newly launched Detoxifying and Toning Algae Treatment.

While perched on the treatment table, my therapist talks me through the process and asks if I have any concerns with my body. I give the usual spiel about my stiff shoulders and that everywhere could be a little firmer. I lie down on the table, covered in towels for decency, and the therapist begins the gentle exfoliation all over, using Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 Corps and a massage glove to remove any dead skin and prepares my body for the next treatment stages.

Feeling as soft as silk, I’m massaged with Huile Dermotonique, which aims to tone the body all over, and is especially good for slack skin caused by rapid weight loss.

algae wrap

On my stomach, she uses Complexe Anti-A, a highly concentrated botanical solution rich in ivy and meadowsweet extracts, which are said to help to dissolve unwanted fat cells, and Complexe Anti-C on my thighs to assist in combatting cellulite.

Up next is the algae stage. The skincare treatment was conceived to give the skin the means to regenerate itself, while detoxifying and oxygenating at the same time. The gel is not nearly as cold, slimy or smelly as I thought it would be; truthfully, it glided on like any other body gel and had the aroma of thyme, lemon and peppermint. Wrapped in cling film, feeling a little bit like a baguette in a picnic hamper, the therapist covers me in a heated blanket, which intends to release the marine active ingredients that remineralise, tone and purify the body. It feels slightly like sitting in a sauna with a sleeping bag on – bizarre to say the least.

The therapist takes my mind off the peculiar experience by massaging my shoulders, face and head, and soon again I’m as relaxed as I was before. After showering, Emulsion Originelle Régénérante Corps is applied with a massage glove over my body, which provides skin elasticity and softness and Crème Anti-C on my thighs to improve firmness. Getting dressed after the 90-minute treatment, my clothes slide on to me and my skin feels as if it’s returned to its baby-like state, as smooth as Tropicana. I always say I’ll try anything once, and this treatment, I’d definitely try again.


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