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[USA] The Algae Biomass Organization is now accepting abstracts for speaking and poster opportunities for the 2016 Algae Biomass Summit, to be held at the Renaissance Glendale Hotel and Spa in Phoenix, AZ, October 23 to 26, 2016.

This year will mark the 10th Algae Biomass Summit. In recognition of this milestone, the 2016 Summit will celebrate the launch of a new decade of remarkable progress in the development of nature-inspired, innovation-driven solutions to the world’s most pressing sustainability challenges. “Algae: Transformative Solutions for a Sustainable 21st Century“ has been selected as the theme of this year’s Summit. We especially seek abstracts that present new discoveries, innovations and commercial progress in algae-based solutions to global sustainability challenges, including food, energy and water.

The number of high-quality abstracts received last year was unprecedented and we anticipate an even higher number of outstanding submissions this year. The first priority deadline is March 16, 2016.Abstracts submitted after this date will be reviewed as they are received. Those received by the deadline will be given a higher priority with an announcement of acceptance sent by May 10, 2016.

Review the guidelines below and click here to submit your abstract

If you have questions regarding abstract submission, please contact ABO Administrative Coordinator,Barb Scheevel, by email at: [email protected] or by phone at: 877-531-5512 ext. 1.

Abstract Submission Guidelines

Abstracts are due to ABO by March 16, 2016.  Please follow submission guidelines!

Each abstract must include:

  • Primary topic area: Biology, Engineering and Analysis, Commercialization, Finance and Policy
  • Type of presentation requested:  oral presentation or poster
  • Full names of authors (Be sure to indicate presenter and place an asterisk next to ABO members)
  • Institutions for all authors
  • Contact information (address, phone number, email address) for presenter
  • Abstract

The abstracts must be no more than 2400 characters, including spaces (approximately 300 words)  No figures or tables should be included in the abstract.

Abstracts can deal with microalgae and macroalgae (seaweeds) and should fit into one of the following four primary topic areas, and 1 to 4 selected secondary topic areas.

Primary Topic Areas:

  1. Biology (to include Algal Biology and Systems Ecology and System Biology)
  2. Engineering and Analysis
  3. Commercialization (to include Energy and Materials; Food, Ag, Health and Nutrition)
  4. Finance and Policy

Secondary Topic Areas: 

  1. Research in algae biology
  2. Algae-strain development, selection and breeding
  3. Genetics and genetically modified algae
  4. Crop protection
  5. Algae cultivation processes – ponds, photobioreactors, fermentors
  6. Cultivation system ecology, monoculture and polyculture approaches
  7. Harvesting and dewatering technologies
  8. Waste water remediation, nutrient recycling
  9. Carbon capture and CO2 recycling
  10. Extraction, processing and conversion to end products
  11. Advanced biofuels
  12. Bioplastics and chemicals
  13. Applications in mineral extraction and bioremediation
  14. Food ingredients and nutraceuticals
  15. Algae for fish and animal feed
  16. Algae for soil health and sustainable agriculture
  17. Life Cycle Analysis and techno-economic modeling
  18. Markets, products and business development
  19. Commercial scale production
  20. Project siting, facility co-location
  21. Project financing, venture capital, joint ventures, strategic partnerships
  22. Tax and legislative initiatives, US national and state and international
  23. Government agency programs and funding
  24. Industry stakeholder initiatives, sustainability and regulatory policy
  25. Others topics not included in above (please specify in your abstract)

Abstracts which lack the required information or which do not follow the format guidelines will not be reviewed.  The ABO reserves the right to recommend changes in presentation format (e.g. oral presentation to poster).  First consideration will be given to abstracts submitted by members of the ABO.

All abstracts will also be considered for plenary presentations.  Abstracts submitted for oral presentations will also be considered for posters if not accepted as oral presentations.  ABO will distribute all abstracts chosen for presentations (in either printed or electronic form) to all registrants at the Summit and to all ABO members following the Summit.

Review process
Abstracts are reviewed by 3 to 5 experts in each primary topic area based on several criteria such as relevance, new data, clarity and importance to the field.  Algae Biomass Organization members will be given preference.  To become a member, visit ABO’s membership website.

The following four review criteria should be taken into consideration when preparing an abstract for the 2016 ABS.

  1. Advances – Does the technology or process improve production, reduce costs, increase value or highlight a technological breakthrough?
  2. Relevance – Does the abstract highlight advances in technology that will make significant near-term impacts?
  3. Detail – Does the abstract provide experimental or analytical results that provide detailed information on the process or advance being reported on.
  4. Clarity – Does the abstract indicate that the information is clearly communicated and understandable to a diverse spectrum of conference attendees?

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