Scandinavian microalgae producer selects Heliospectra LED Grow Light System

[Sweden] Heliospectra AB, a world leader in intelligent lighting technology for controlled environments horticulture, is excited to announce its newest order valued at just over $170,000 USD (1,4 million SEK) to a Scandinavian microalgae farm. Heliospectra has together with the customer helped develop a new LED lighting system based on the LX60 Series, to be used in their patented production system in Norway.

By combining production technology with microbiological know-how, the customer has developed a new technology solution producing high-quality products derived from microalgae for food, animal feed, and industrial products. A new project was initiated in Q1 of 2016 to upgrade their existing production system with the goal of the project to present an industrial, scalable and commercial production solution indoors. The addition of LED lighting in algae production is a way to improve the quality of light as well as increase penetration of light into the water.

Staffan Hillberg, CEO of Heliospectra, commented, “Aquatic organisms are often cultivated in open ponds. But the quantity of algae that can be harvested from these ponds becomes limited since they need light to grow, and sunlight rarely penetrates beyond the first few inches of the water. Not to mention the constant risk that the algae might be contaminated by other microorganisms grown outside. A fully automated system in a controlled environment helps increase production and reduce the risk of contamination. We’re excited to prove the benefits of LED lighting in algae production and proud to do it together with a company in the forefront of algae production.”

Microalgae are highly versatile organisms, making algae a promising and exciting source for a number of products such as health products, biofuel, animal feed, food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.


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  1. I see algae as the top new eco product for our future. I would like to hear more about your LED system for photobioreactors. Can it be used in both indoor and outdoor reactors?
    How is it installed on existing bioreactors?
    You are definitely on top of a new and needed area.

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