AlgAran teaches you how to make seaweed soap

[UK] Algaran Seaweed products are based on natural and organic ingredients gently blended with freshly harvested seaweed extracts, which are produced in Kilcar, Donegal, using an exclusive cold extraction technology.

Most importantly, all AlgAran seaweed is organically hand harvested locally with maximum respect/care for the marine environment.

Algaran only uses natural ingredients for their food, health and beauty products based on seaweed. In this video, Algaran teaches us how to make seaweed soap.

The seaweed soap is mainly made of organic vegetable oils, dried seaweed, and pure organic essential oils.

There are three colors. However, no chemical colorant is added. The green soaps are made of Ulva spiralis powder which gives the green color, the white soaps are made of calcified seaweed powder which gives the white color, and the orange soaps are made of carrageenan flakes with organic turmeric powder.


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