Pembroke Dock seaweed farm to study algae as biofuel

[UK] A seaweed farm has been set up in Pembrokeshire to look at the potential of using algae as biofuel.

Marine biologists from Swansea University have installed the 100m (328ft)-long structure at Pembroke Dock as part of the MacroBioCrude project.

Research assistant Fleuriane Fernandes said the rope has been seeded with “juvenile” seaweed which they hope to harvest in six months time.

They also hope to test its benefits for the food and health industry.

Ms Fernandes said: “We are looking into developing conservation of seaweed so we have a long-term supply for biomass, to know every year we can harvest a certain amount.

“What we are doing here is kelp conservation but we would also like to develop other seaweeds like laverbread.”

Seaweed is also high in protein and nutrients, Ms Fernandes explained.

The project, set up in collaboration with Milford Haven Port Authority, will run until July 2018.


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