Gold Coast beach swamped in mountains of seaweed

[Australia] The Gold Coast’s popular Burleigh beach has been coated in piles of seaweed, some of which are taller than most beachgoers.

The seaweed swept in to the beach on Monday night, brought in by the super swell that battered Australia’s east coast a fortnight ago.

Professor Rodger Tomlinson, from the Griffith Centre for Coastal Management, said the phenomenon was “pretty rare for the Gold Coast”.

Gold Coast chief lifeguard Warren Young agreed that it was rare.

“It’s so amazing… in the late ’70s we had something the same come in at Burleigh,” he said.

The seaweed also presents a risk for swimmers and board-riders in the water, who could become caught.

“We’re watching the beach here, so lifeguards will let parents know if they’re too close,” Mr Young said.

City of Gold Coast council has today deployed heavy machinery to remove the bulk of the seaweed.


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