IFFCO to market seaweed extract made by CSMCRI

[India] India’s leading fertilizer manufacturer, Indian Farmers Fertilizer Co-operative Ltd (IFFCO), will market seaweed bio-stimulant developed by the Bhavnagar-based Central Salt and Marine Chemical Research Institute (CSMCRI), a national laboratory working under the aegis of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).

The bio-stimulant extracted from Kappaphycus seaweed has proved increased yield of several crops in 20 states while decreasing the use of chemical fertilizers.

“CSMCRI developed the technology to produce both bio-stimulants and hydrocolloids from liquid extract from Kappaphycus seaweed which has now been globally patented. A multi-institutional multi-crop project was carried out by CSIR-CSMCRI in collaboration with 43 State Agricultural Universities and Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) institutes across 20 states in India. The trials showed improvement in agricultural crop yield with use of the seaweed bio-stimulant,” said Arup Ghosh, senior scientist, Plant Omics division, CSMCRI, who led the project.

“The liquid sap produced from the seaweed has proven to be a very potent bio-stimulant capable of enhancing the productivity of agricultural crops,” Ghosh added.

The 100% natural seaweed extract will be marketed by Iffco under the brand name ‘Sagarika.’

“Field trials on nine agricultural crops showed an increase in the yield from 11% to 36% over the recommended package of practices. It is being commercially marketed in India and is approved as per US organic standards,” he said.

The increase in yield of fodder was 13.8%, rice (20.3), maize (24), blackgram (36.6), green gram (28.4), soyabean (34.5), sesame (31.8) potato (20.6) and in sugarcane (11.2). Besides natural bio-stimulant, seaweed cultivation provides livelihood to local people along the coast of Gujarat and Tamil Nadu. The use of it reduces requirement of the use of chemical fertilizers to some extent,” the scientist said.

Recently, the seaweed cultivation is also being taken up by Gujarat Livelihood Promotion Council, a government of Gujarat undertaking at Simar, Kalapan and Miyani.


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