Arequipa and Tacna: 20,000 kilos of macroalgae seized

[Peru] A new blow is dealt in the fishing industry when the Ministry of Production, through the Directorate General of Supervision and Control (DGSF) seized 20k kilos of marine macroalgae in Arequipa and Tacna.

Several associations and companies lacked the proper certification of origin of marine resources which breached the Regulations of the Fisheries Act and its amendments.

In the region of Arequipa inspectors of the Ministry of Production (PRODUCE) found 13 tons of macroalgae, while in Tacna 7 tons of hydrobiological seaweed was found, both in a dry states.

Removal of specific seaweed species are prohibited throughout the Peruvian coast, according to the Ministerial Resolution No. 264-2009-PRODUCE.

In order for fishermen and fishing companies to comply with regulations, the DGSF are working to bring awareness and carefully monitor the actions of fishermen by sharing the importance in protecting these resources and marine life.


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