Chemist: Downstream bio-refining of microalgae biomass

[UK] A company based in UK is focused on developing and commercialising the next generation of bioactive ingredients from sustainable and environmentally-sound resources.

The UK based company AlgaeCytes uses its unique algae technology in an integrated biorefining process to produce high-value products, in particular omega-3 oils and proteins, for the food, cosmetic and the pharmaceutical market.

Job Purpose

The role will be lab-based, as part of the chemistry team, working on the downstream processing of algal biomass.  Central to the role are the optimisation of the production of high-value chemicals, the analysis of products, and the scale-up of processes

Main duties and responsibilities

  • Working as part of a team on laboratory-scale to pilot plant-scale to extract products from microalgae using chemical techniques.
  • The development of laboratory and scale-up methods for extracting natural oils and other bioactive ingredients.
  • Method development, identifying and characterising bioactive ingredients using analytical techniques as GC-MS, HPLC and others.
  • Consistently demonstrating initiative in implementing project work and effectively designing, problem solving and conducting experiments.
  • Clear and timely communication of data.
  • Analysing and interpreting experimental data, then making appropriate recommendations.
  • Working effectively in a multidisciplinary team to formulate and execute project research plans.
  • Working independently and flexibly to meet changing demands.
  • Present data-supported conclusions in written and oral reports on progress.
  • Ensure that all company policies and safety practices are followed.

Skills and Qualifications

A Chemistry degree is essential, with skills in biological, organic and analytical chemistry.  Valuable skills also include working with microalgae and the extraction of natural products.  Ideally these skills will have been developed in industry.  Applications are also welcome from PhD-qualified candidates with relevant skill-sets.

Please send a CV with covering letter to:

AlgaeCytes Ltd
Discovery Park House
Ramsgate Road
Kent CT2 7NJ

Tel: 01304-897627

Email: [email protected]
AlgaeCytes is based at Discovery Park, Sandwich, Kent.  The world-class facilities have attracted a host of international companies from the life science, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, science and technology sectors. It has helped to create an environment where emerging businesses, local universities and established organisations can interact.


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