Fall 2016 UTEX Training Workshop

[USA] This 2-day workshop is designed to enhance the knowledge of those who are already familiar with algae, and provide an introduction to algal culture management for those with no prior experience. Topics are geared toward individuals who are interested in learning principles and practices of growing and managing microalgal cultures, and relevant for those who are interested in commercialization of algae or their products.

Workshops feature presentations and demonstrations, as well as opportunities for hands-on microscopic manipulations and training in common laboratory techniques. Participants are encouraged to bring algal samples that they wish to microscopically observe and/or identify. Workshops are informal; participants are encouraged to ask questions, share information with the group, and network.

Activities will take place at the UTEX Culture Collection of Algae facilities, located in the center of the University of Texas campus.  This unique venue will provide participants with the opportunity to observe the diversity of microalgae and learn about the management of laboratory cultures.


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