This furniture is made from woven seaweed

[Netherlands] Many know the health benefits of seaweed, the flakey green filled with antioxidants, calcium and a broad range of vitamins, but few think of seaweed as a potential fabric.

Dutch designer Nienke Hoogvliet has used seaweed to create her most recent furniture collection.

Showcases seaweed’s possibilities as a material

The collection, called Sea Me, showcases seaweed’s possibilities in the interior design market. Hoogvliet’s work includes a seat made of hand-woven seaweed yarn and a side table with a wooden top that was finished using paint made from bladderwrack, a common seaweed found in the Netherlands.


Hoogvliet has spent the last two years developing seaweed products that are created using cellulose extracted from kelp. She first experimented with algae yarn in a rug which was made from strands of kelp that were wrapped and knotted around a fishing net.

Hoogvliet sees great potential for the future of seaweed that would extend beyond using it as a fabric of interior design into a structural substance for building homes. Architectural studio Vandkunsten, located outside of Copenhagen, recently further solidified Hoogvliet’s belief using seaweed into netted bags as an insulating layer for a timber-framed home in Denmark.

Designers have recently been experimenting with seaweed and other forms of algae for architectural, textile and even energy sources to power buildings. Seaweed has been a topic of discussion at various conference dedicated to product and furniture design and has been touted as having the ability to be an instrumental resource for the future.


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