Taiwan Cement to expand microalgae production to tackle CO2

[Taiwan] Taiwan Cement plans to expand its microalgae unit to boost astaxanthin production from waste CO2. The cement producer intends to invest US$6.25m towards enlarging its existing microalgae unit into a 20-hectare outdoor microalgae farm with an estimated annual production value of about US$12m, according to the Tapei Times.

The upgraded farm will start operation in 2017 producing astaxanthin, an input for skincare and health food products. The company hopes to make astaxanthin products that meet universal standards, such as the Good Manufacturing Practice standard, eventually becoming the country’s main supplier of the chemical.

To support the upgrade Taiwan Cement has signed a business development contract with the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). The two organisations have collaborated since 2011 on developing CO2 capture technology. As part of the new deal Taiwan Cement is expected to decrease its CO2 emissions by 4800t/yr.


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