AstaReal Inc. plans to expand operation

[USA] As the AstaReal Group prepares to celebrate the two-year anniversary of its $34 million, 59,000 square-foot Moses Lake factory, the company intends to invest an additional $30 million and create 50 new jobs within the next two years.

“We are currently moving forward working nicely to complete our front-end engineering work for Phase 2,” AstaReal Inc. president Gary Allison said. “Once complete we will evaluate various design engineering firms for consideration and request proposals from them for our review and consideration before moving to the next project phase.”

AstaReal, Inc. is part of the AstaReal Group owned by Fuji Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. The AstaReal Group is the world leader in the production and research and development of natural astaxanthin. AstaReal, Inc. opened in Moses Lake in May of 2014 in response to the growing global demand for high-quality natural astaxanthin.

The company has developed ties to Moses Lake and Grant County with a current workforce of about 50 full time employees. It’s also providing direction in healthier lifestyles. AstaReal recently wrapped up a 90-day Moses Lake Health Challenge where it provided 70 local participants a free supply of Astavita Healthy Living Antioxidants along with fitness club memberships, physical examinations and follow-up clinical visits.

The health challenge was a combination of lifestyle modifications like eating healthier and exercising. The participants, ranging from ages 30 to 70 with a high body mass index, had an opportunity to try the product three months and apply it to an exercise regimen.

“Part of the purpose was just to give something back to the community,” Astavita general manager Dan Henry said. “Our goal is to help people achieve a healthier lifestyle by incorporating lifestyle modifications. We’re looking to see everything from insulin resistance types of scores to cholesterol workup. The hope is to see benefits from incorporating the exercise regimen and dietary supplements.”

Astavita Healthy Living Antioxidants are designed to re-energize cells and support healthy aging. The key to living a long, active life consists of a healthy diet, good exercise and helping to prevent cell aging. This antioxidant improves health at the cellular level by providing a powerful combination of natural astaxanthin and natural T3 (Tocotrienol, a natural antioxidant ingredient derived from palm oil extract).

The astaxanthin produced in Moses Lake is supplied to customers in the United States and around the world for use in a wide range of nutritional supplements and functional foods and beverages.


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