“Blue tears” bioluminescent algae bloom in Taiwan

[Taiwan] With magical blue waters appearing alight with a thousand bright lights, these images will have you thinking they are from outer-space.

And at first glance it may look like so stunningly surreal you won’t believe your eyes.

But shockingly, the images are 100 per cent real and the effects are caused by something you have probably never heard of before.

Because the mysterious phenomenon is known as ‘blue tears” and they only occur in the summer.


Some scientists believe they’re caused by a type of algae, while others say it’s due to tiny shrimp called ‘ostracods.’

It’s thought that when disturbed by waves, the creatures emit the bright blue fluorescent light.And these images — taken in Matsu, an island chain off the coast of Taiwan — show the breathtaking effect of the bizarre occurrence.

A popular tourist attraction, for obvious reasons, the otherworldly lights can be seen from around April to August.

And you can get to the islands by ferry from Taiwan.

Previously, the cause of the beautiful blue lights was thought to be caused by pollution.

However professors recently announced that confirm the bioluminescence is down to algae instead.

Life of Pi fans may remember the incredible scene from the movie featuring the breathtaking effect.

But it’s not just Taiwan where you can find these dazzling lights, as they can be found all over the world too.


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