Clarification letter from BFS Spain

[Spain] In response to a reprinted article published on 15th August, 2016, titled “The story behind a multi-million algae biofuel project in Spain“,  the  representative and international director of Bio Fuel Systems (BFS) would like to clarify some information that has been published regarding BFS.

BFS is currently pursuing a lawsuit against the person who made the allegations. Here is the statement released on 27th May 2016:

Bio Fuel Systems (BFS), herein referred as ‘the company’, having its headquarter in San Vicente del Raspeig in the province of Alicante, Spain and incorporated in 2006 for the purposes of research, handling, industrial processing and high-technological development of products, by-products and marine phytoplankton to obtain energy and very high value-added products under the leadership of his President & CEO, Mr. Bernard Stroïazzo-Mougin, an engineer graduated in thermodynamics and fluid mechanics is hereby bringing to the knowledge of all those it may concern and the general public across the world via this Official Communiqué that Mr. Javier Antonio Salvador Cañadas was employed by the company as Commercial & Marketing Director from 01st November 2010 to 31st December 2013 and in that capacity, Mr. Javier Antonio Salvador Cañadas wilfully, fraudulently and maliciously published a   pack of lies, calumnies and defamations which caused tremendous damage to the company, to his President & CEO personally and to his family for having created unnecessary major alerts amongst collaborators, partners and shareholders.

Mr. Javier Antonio Salvador Cañadas, being a referee journalist, failed in keeping in total secrecy information that was strictly confidential and in doing so breached his contract with the company pertaining to the clause of confidentiality clearly stipulating non-disclosure for a period not exceeding five years after termination of employment. Mr. Javier Antonio Salvador Cañadas breached, by the same token, the journalists’ code of ethics in disclosing such deceitful and distorted facts cited above.

During his professional relationship, Mr. Javier Antonio Salvador Cañadas threatened, blackmailed and extorted the company, its CEO & President, by whom Mr. Javier Antonio Salvador Cañadas was employed, in filtering and publishing news that could affect the company´s image on a worldwide scale. He demanded a financial reward under threat and in failing to execute his demand, he would reveal and divulge personal and professional and strictly confidential information.

Such malicious and false news were finally published, causing very serious and irreparable damage to the company. Mr. Javier Antonio Salvador Cañadas committed as a result the offence of COERCION AND THREATS. In view of the above, Bio Fuel Systems and Mr. Bernard Stroïazzo-Mougin, presented in writing the formal lawsuit
on charges of COERCION AND THREATS against Mr. Javier Antonio Salvador Cañadas and any other crime that may arise,
providing enough evidence.

As at now, the criminal lawsuit filed by the company continues its process in the courts of Almería, Spain. Currently, Mr. Javier Antonio Salvador Cañadas, a referee journalist, Nº 226 (CPPA), is director/administrator of a small and local digital news, namely, Teleprensa World, S.L. which Mr. Cañadas uses directly as a vehicle to divulge such pack of lies and damaging untruths about Bio Fuel Systems, its President & CEO and his family.

The above statement is provided by Alix Stroiazzo, International Director of BFS. View the original statement here BFS OFFICIAL COMMUNIQUÉ.


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