Environmental engineering student chosen for global doctoral fellowship

[Korea] Pyo Jong-cheol, 27, an environmental engineering student at Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), has been chosen as a beneficiary for a global doctoral fellowship for his dedication to research on remote green algae exploration technology, the institute said Monday.

As a beneficiary of the 2016 Global Ph.D Fellowship (GPF), Pyo will receive tuition fees for his doctoral degree program and an additional 40 million won for his academic activities.

“I am glad that winning the fellowship will allow me to concentrate on research activities without other concerns,” Pyo said. “I will do my utmost to be one of the most influential researchers in the environmental engineering sector.”

The GFP is a governmental initiate, run jointly by the Ministry of Education and National Research Foundation of Korea, to foster world-class scientists and researchers. The government has chosen graduate students nationwide and provided financial support to help them focus on their studies and research since 2011.

After being named the beneficiary of the fellowship, Pyo’s research on remote exploration of green algae using hyperspectral images is expected to speed up. He has been developing a technology that analyzes high-definition hyperspectral images taken from aircraft. This technology will help researchers track the growth and spread of green algae from hyperspectral images by analyzing reflexibility of natural light in pigment cells of toxic algae, the institute said.

Compared to existing technology, the new exploration method can analyze the dispersion rate of algae in an entire river. This technology is expected to boost efficiency of green algae removal activities while benefiting the government’s future water quality management policies.

Earlier in 2014, Pyo received the grand prize in a collegiate water environment policy idea contest hosted by the environment ministry. Currently he is engaged at the National Institute of Environmental Research to estimate the distribution of algae near the Geum River.

“Green algae has become one of the most serious environmental threats,” Pyo said. “My goal is to complete the modeling of Korea’s standardized algae types and predict the increase and decrease of algae.”


Photo: Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) environmental engineering student Pyo Jong-cheol

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