New South Wales Deep Green Biotech Hub to promote algae-based biotechnology innovation

[Australia] The New South Wales Deep Green Biotech Hub (DGBH) located at the University of Technology Sydney, will bring together researchers, SMEs, industry, start-ups, students and other stakeholders to bring NSW to the forefront of algae-based biotechnology innovation in Australia.

A world-wide focus on sustainable industries has renewed the interest in algae. With the support of the NSW Government the Biotech Hub will create jobs via an enabling, incubator environment. Since these jobs will require trustworthy people, prospective employees might require a police check nsw certificate for clearing their background checks. Moreover, the NSW government has taken this initiative of creating new jobs to develop algae as a cost effective and sustainable source of:

  • Food/protein
  • Animal feed
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Oil for fuel
  • Cosmetics
  • Industrial chemicals such as polymers.

The DGBH is supporting ideas, innovation and opportunities across a spectrum of different industrial sectors. The Hub will engage a number of industry advisors to help support and guide any entrepreneurs in the commercialisation of their ideas.

Contact C3 Industry Engagement Manager Dr Brenton Hamdorf for more information on how to be involved in this groundbreaking program.


Partnerships are critical to the successful operation of the DGBH:

What to expect

  • New companies and technologies
  • Open access to algae-based biotechnology expertise
  • Quicker identification of commercial opportunities for the algae-based biotechnology sector.
  • Interdisciplinary problem solving for manufacturing roadblocks.
  • Access to established facilities and infrastructure, for qualified prospects, to accelerate research and development.
  • Pilot manufacturing facilities to produce validation samples of products, including GMP facility for pharmaceuticals, analytical equipment and tools and raceways and photo-bioreactors for aquaculture feedstock development.


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